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Father and son shot in capital's latest gun attack

A MAN who was the intended target of the capital's latest gun attack has links to members of the 'Fat' Freddie Thompson mob, it has emerged.

Senior sources say that Lee Clarke (29) is "very friendly" with Freddie's first cousins David and Liam Byrne, from Crumlin.

Lee's dad Martin Clarke (52) – who has no involvement in crime – was also injured in last night's reckless double shooting.

Senior sources say that Lee Clarke has been a target for the gardai's elite Organised Crime Unit in recent months.

The father and son were outside their house on Clifden Road when they were blasted by a gunman at 10.20pm.

Neighbours said they heard one loud bang, followed by a volley of more shots in quick succession.


When they ran to help they saw Martin Clarke lying badly injured in his hallway.

"I was just about to go to bed when I heard the shots, they were like very loud bangers," said one local resident.

"Then there was about five more shots one after the other, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang," she added.

"I ran to the house and all the neighbours were out. I could see Martin lying in the hall with his head towards the living room, and he was in agony. You could tell by his face he was in pain," the witness explained.

She said Mr Clarke was hit around the kidneys and back, but that there wasn't much blood from his wounds.

His son Lee was in the house also but appeared to be less injured. He was holding his baby as they waited for the ambulance to arrive, according to neighbours.

Lee, who is not believed to be involved in drugs crime, previously served a two year jail sentence for burglary after a suspended sentence was activated in December 2008, when he failed to comply with the terms of the suspended sentence.

He also was given a suspended sentence for violent disorder in July 2010, in relation to a shocking incident in which a man's hand was almost cut off by a samurai sword in Inchicore.

He is said to be an associate of Liam Byrne (34), one of the capital's most feared criminals who has convictions for firearms offences and a savage assault.

In last night's incident, the back window of Martin Clarke's car had been smashed with a brick, and investigators think this may have ben a ploy by the gunmen to lure their victims out of the house.

Another neighbour said she saw a young man jump into the getaway car seconds after hearing the shots being fired.

"I was terrified. I heard the bangs and looked out the window and saw this small lad with a scarf over his face jumping into the car and speeding away," she told the Herald.

Another witness said the car stalled first before being driven away in a hurry.

A short time later a car believed to be an Audi was found in flames in nearby Croftwood Crescent.

Both the injured men were rushed to St James's Hospital where their injuries were said to be not life threatening.

Gardai sealed off the street where the shooting occurred pending a forensic examination.

Gardai in Ballyfermot are appealing for witnesses to contact them on 01 6667200.