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Fatal radiation levels in Japan

ONE of Japan's crippled nuclear reactors still has fatally high radiation levels and hardly any water to cool it, warns an internal study.

Data from Fukushima Dai-ichi showed the damage from the disaster was so severe the operator will have to develop special equipment to decommission the plant, which is expected to take decades.

The No 2 reactor is the only one officials have been able to closely examine so far, the others could be even worse.

The examination with an industrial endoscope detected radiation levels up to 10 times the fatal dose in the chamber.

Plant officials previously said more than half of the melted fuel had breached the core and dropped to the floor of the primary containment vessel.

The radiation figure far exceeds the highest level previously detected.

Protests over police shooting

PROTESTERS have gathered in Jamaica to demand an end to police shootings that have killed as many as 50 people so far this year.

The protesters included Elaine Wilson, who says her sister, Diane Gordon (45), was killed in a police shooting earlier this month. Police say Gordon was killed during a shootout with gunmen, but locals deny there were gunmen in the area.

Sudan clashes threaten war

The UN Security Council says clashes along the border between Sudan and South Sudan threaten to reignite their civil war.

The two countries signed a memorandum of understanding on non-aggression on February 10, but days later South Sudan accused Sudan of bombing the town of Jau.

A statement from the UN council yesterday called on both governments to exercise "maximum restraint".

Fiji takes over national airline

FIJI'S military government says it is taking over control of the country's national carrier Air Pacific from Australian company Qantas.

The government of Commodore Frank Bainimarama issued a decree saying that all Fijian-registered carriers must be owned and controlled by Fijians.

Qantas owns 46.3pc of Air Pacific to Fiji's 51pc.