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Fat Freddie vows revenge after knife attack on family

A MURDEROUS Dublin drugs feud is set to kick off again after a brutal stabbing in which 'Fat' Freddie Thompson's sister-in-law was seriously injured.

Thompson has sworn revenge after his sister and sister-in-law were attacked by gang rivals -- associates of jailed crime boss, King Ratt.

Freddie's sister, Lisa Jane Thompson, and his brother's wife Catherine, were caught up in the melee in a south inner city pub on Sunday night.

They had been attending a family function without any trouble when a prominent associate of the King Ratt gang came into the Karma Stone on Wexford Street.

He was observed making several phone calls on his mobile, which are understood to have led to a number of "heavies" turning up.

It is understood words were exchanged and a general melee broke out.

Catherine Thompson is the wife of Freddie's brother Richie (34). She sustained a very bad knife wound to her arm after she was assaulted.

The young woman -- who is not involved in crime --was treated at St James' Hospital for her injuries, including a slash wound to her arm.

A source told the Herald: "The south inner city's on a knife-edge. Freddie's livid that this woman was attacked and he's vowed revenge."

Gardai are examining CCTV footage in a bid to identify the attackers.

About a dozen gardai in four squad cars and a garda van attended the scene. Splatters of blood were left on the footpath following the incident.

There was also a trail of blood up Camden Street.

Gardai have not received a statement from the injured party.

A man, aged 20, was arrested and taken to Kevin Street Garda Station for questioning.

However, it is understood the arrest was for a public order incident and was not related to the attack.

The man was believed to be giving gardai bother as they carried out their duties.

The scene was cordoned off, while forensic detectives took blood samples from the scene.

Fat Freddie (30) is the subject of a European Arrest Warrant and can be arrested on sight by gardai. He recently snubbed a party thrown by his pal for fear of being attacked.

Liam Byrne (32) had organised a celebration for his child's christening at a four-star Dublin city hotel following the ceremony last Saturday.

Byrne had invited Freddie but the gang boss opted to remain abroad.

The Herald understands that Freddie left Dublin for the Continent two weeks ago.

He hid out there over the weekend, missing Byrne's bash, amid fears that underworld rivals could have used the event as an opportunity to target him.