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Fat Freddie turns on his gang after girlfriend jibe

INSULTING comments about Fat Freddie Thompson's on-off girlfriend have caused a split in his gang.

Gardai believe that derogatory remarks about Crumlin woman Vicky Dempsey (29) led to a recent slash attack on a young man in the south inner city.

Dempsey split with Thompson (29) earlier this year after his self-imposed exile from Ireland caused a strain in their relationship.

But sources indicate that the couple see each other during Thompson's increasingly rare visits to Ireland.

The ERU are patrolling the streets of south Dublin after Thompson ordered a sickening slash attack on one of his own lieutenants who made comments about his ex-girlfriend.

The gang member was slashed in the face in a 'Glasgow smile' styled attack after he made derogatory comments about Dempsey.

The victim was also cut on the forehead and heavily beaten during the attack, which took place at a location in Dublin's north city.

Thompson and Dempsey had been involved in a relationship since they were teenagers and have a 10-year-old son together.

The couple started seeing each other in the 90s when Thompson was just a small-time drug pusher in the Maryland's estate in south Dublin.

Just one day after Thompson left Ireland last year, his enemies placed a pipe bomb under a car parked outside her house.

The army bomb disposal unit had to defuse the device, which was attached to the underside of an E320 Mercedes.

Vicky is the only sister of Karl Dempsey, who is an associate of Fat Freddie's gang.


In 2000, Karl was jailed for five years after he was caught with €63,000 of heroin. CAB also ordered him to pay over €400,000 following an investigation in 2002.

Vicky's younger brother Les was friendly with members of Thompson's circle but was not involved in crime. He took his own life just days before his 26th birthday in August 2008.

"There is a real fear that extreme violence could escalate in south Dublin," a source told the Herald this week.

"The ERU operation has been successful so far but there are players out there hell-bent on revenge."

Elite officers from the crack armed unit have been operating roving checkpoints around south Dublin to quell tension in the area.

The atmosphere had been at fever pitch in recent weeks after nights of Halloween violence in nearby Drimnagh, which involved gun and grenade attacks linked to the King Ratt crime gang -- the Thompson gang's enemies.

The gardai spend about 20 minutes at each random checkpoint before moving to another location.

The operation's objective is to thwart the activities and movements of gangland criminals and sources say it the plan is working. It also provides intelligence on the current state of the most active gangs.