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'Fat' Freddie turns into 'Flat' Freddie while behind bars


A mug shot of 'Fat' Freddie Thompson

A mug shot of 'Fat' Freddie Thompson

A mug shot of 'Fat' Freddie Thompson

This latest photo of gang boss 'Fat' Freddie Thompson shows he has shed the pounds in prison.

The 33-year-old was placed in custody here after being extradited from Holland to face violent disorder charges.

When he was recently processed by prison authorities his weight was 77.6kg or 12st 3lbs, meaning he is well on track to losing his long-head 'fat' label.


Thompson is also proving to be a headache for prison authorities because he has to be kept apart from more than 60 other cons for fear of violence.

Since his arrival in Ireland in May, Thompson has had to be moved around the prison network amid suspicions that he was having an undue influence over other inmates.

Wherever he goes, prison bosses are having to assess their inmates before deciding what landing he is placed on.

Thompson was extradited from Amsterdam and pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to engaging in violent disorder at Morrissey's Pub in Cork Street, Dublin, on January 7 last year.

Judge Mary Ellen Ring remanded him in custody until his sentencing hearing on February 2.

Thompson is now back in Cloverhill Prison after a spell in Cork.

Gardai believe he could be released from jail early next year even if he is sentenced.

This is primarily because he pleaded guilty to the offence last July and his role in the incident was not considered to be at the higher end of offending for this type of crime.


Because of that, gardai will set up a special policing plan for the probability that Thompson could be back on the streets and likely to base himself in Dublin rather than return to the Costa del Sol where he was based before.

"What is not in any doubt is that when Freddie is around the streets, there is always an increase in tension and violence," said a senior source.

"So, of course, gardai will be watching carefully and considering how best to manage him."