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'Fat' Freddie gang put gun to woman's head

A GUN WAS put to an innocent woman's head by gangsters who falsely claimed her nephew owed them money.

Mary Burke, from Tallaght, who recently fled her home at Brookview Drive, in Tallaght, was told that her young relative would be found dead in the Dublin Mountains unless the extortion cash was handed over.

Local sources said the gangsters were young Tallaght criminals who are linked to the Crumlin-based drug gang headed by 'Fat' Freddie Thompson.

In a separate incident the gang fired a shot into Ms Burke's home -- narrowly missing her and two youngsters and forcing her to flee.

Speaking from a safe house the traumatised woman told the Herald how herself and her relatives fear they will be attacked again."I'm absolutely terrified for my family's safety. I've barely eaten or slept.

"I need this story to be told. If something happens to my family or me I want people to know about it. I'm just so scared. It only takes two seconds to pull a trigger, and I don't want to be found in a ditch," Ms Burke told the Herald.

The incidents, which occurred over the past month are under investigation by Tallaght gardai.


The most recent threat was issued last Friday when Ms Burke was told she would be abducted unless she gave up her nephew. The threats relate to an incident in late October when Ms Burke's 17-year-old nephew was given a computer console by local thugs.

The gang then tried to intimidate the innocent young man into doing things for them.

As soon as Ms Burke found out about the matter she told her nephew, who is living with her, to have nothing to do with them. The young man is not known to gardai.

Now the men are demanding €10,000, but Mary says it is all a set-up. When the 17-year-old told his aunt about the console and the pressure that was being put on him, she told him to have no more to do with the men.

She said: "But then my nephew started to get threatening text messages warning him that he was dead unless he got ten thousand euro.

On November 9, three masked men burst into Mary's home in Brookview Drive, Tallaght. One of the men held a handgun to Mary's head and told her that she needed to get the money or bring her nephew to them.

"The men burst into my home and held a gun to my head. They told me that if I didn't get them the money or bring my nephew to them, we were both dead," she said.

"I pleaded with them and told them we didn't do anything, that it was all a mix-up, but they are adamant that we owe them money. My nephew was stupid getting involved with them in the first place," she told the Herald.


A week later, on November 16, a masked man walked into Mary's front garden and blasted a shotgun through her living room window, narrowly avoiding Mary, her 15-year-old niece and a friend's 16-year-old son. She fled the house afterwards.

Mary is now living with her 15-year-old niece. "I know my nephew is innocent. He was gullible, but I just know he was forced into this."