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Fat Freddie flees to the Philippines in hit threat

GANGSTER Freddie Thompson is moving to the Far East after fresh threats against his life.

Thompson is understood to be relocating to the Philippines after rivals vowed to have him killed in 2011.

The drug boss, who has been living between Holland and the UK since he was forced to flee Spain last summer, has reportedly started looking at luxury properties in Manila.

'Fat' Freddie fears a new assassination attempt following a failed truce in the Crumlin-Drimnagh gangland feud.

The Filipino capital is the top choice for Thompson as it has no extradition treaty with Ireland and the mobster already has drug smuggling contacts in the city.

He is making the move after his biggest supplier - Christy ‘Dapper Don' Kinahan - dropped him when Spanish police issued an arrest warrant for the Coombe criminal.

It is understood that Thompson has been warned by Kinahan's associates not to return to Spain, where he is wanted on the warrant for questioning over Christy Kinahan's billion euro drug and money laundering syndicate.

A source said: “The word is that Thompson is relocating to avoid the warrant.

“He has not been arrested by any police force since it was issued but his paranoia is such that he wants out of Europe altogether.”

The Herald exclusively revealed last month how Thompson had been living it up in Alicante, as well as spending time in Liverpool, Birmingham, Amsterdam and Dublin.

With Thompson coming under increased pressure from his suppliers and the authorities, his rivals in the Crumlin- Drimnagh feud have begun to regroup.

The Crumlin-Drimnagh feud, which claimed the lives of 16 men, was believed to have virtually ended in July of last year with the murder of Thompson's rival, Anthony Cannon but a new breed of young thugs have revitalised Thompson's foes.

The ‘new generation' of vicious young thugs, many of whom are in their teens, are ruthless and want to stamp their authority on Dublin's underworld.

They have reportedly drawn up a number of targets and Thompson is top of the list.

Freddie is expected to move to the Far East, possibly with his long-term girlfriend Vicki Dempsey and their 10-year-old son.

But the gangster was absent on Friday evening as Dempsey celebrated her 30th birthday with friends and family at the Green Isle Hotel in Clondalkin.

Gardai are understood to have been on standby as there were suggestions locally in south Dublin last week that Thompson would fly in for the bash.

Thompson and Vicky Dempsey have been involved with each other since they were teenagers.

In February 2008, an explosive device was placed under her car on Stanaway Road, Crumlin but it did not go off and she escaped injury.

Freddie is wanted for questioned by Spanish magistrates for his connections to 'Irish mafia' boss Christy Kinahan and his knowledge of the murder of gangland hitman Paddy Doyle in Spain in February 2008.