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'Fat' Freddie facing fresh charge over prison phone


Freddie Thompson

Freddie Thompson

Freddie Thompson

Gang boss 'Fat' Freddie Thompson could be facing fresh charges after he was found with a mobile phone while in Cloverhill Prison.

The 33-year-old, from Loreto Road in Maryland, off Cork Street, has already been moved to Cork Prison because he was having too much influence on prisoners in Dublin while he awaits sentencing on a violent disorder charge that he has pleaded guilty to. But now he could face further charges for being found with the phone on May 29.

He was allegedly lying on top of the Nokia handset when prison staff carried out a spot search in the cell he was sharing with another inmate.

He was disciplined in the jail, but could face up to five years in prison if charges are brought.

It is believed a file has been sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions on the matter.

Last month, the Herald revealed that Thompson had been moved from the general population to the D Wing in Cloverhill when it was believed his association with other inmates was giving him a position of power and influence.


But a move to Cork was then organised in the end to put a stop to a gang culture developing in the jail.

Thompson has now sought a judicial review of this decision and is seeking compensation through the High Court.

His lawyers argue that Thompson was the victim of an alleged assault in Cloverhill on September 13 that was not his fault, but he was disciplined as a result.

They argue that being segregated from other prisoners and confined to a cell for 22-and-a-half hours a day is unfair.

He was transferred to Cork on September 30 and said the distance from Dublin makes it difficult for his family to see him.

The Irish Prison Service will deny all his allegations and insist the transfer happened for safety reasons.

"It was just felt that being able to freely mix with other prisoners was not in the best interests of harmony and that Thompson was exerting a bit of influence," said one source.