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'Fat' Freddie dons Oasis-style wig for his pal's funeral

THIS is notorious thug 'Fat' Freddie Thompson wearing a wig to a gangland funeral.

The bald crime boss stood out as he donned the 'Liam Gallagher' style hairpiece and a Nike baseball cap.

He was at the funeral for murdered Michael 'Micka' Kelly, who is better known in the underworld as The Panda.

The Herald has reported how garda have noted Thompson's use of a wig similar to the hair-style of the Oasis rocker.

However, this was the first time that he was seen blatantly wearing the disguise at such a high-profile event.

The gangster listened in silence as the brave priest pleaded with criminals like him to "desist from their ways".

Gardai were first alerted to the strange dress-up routine in 2005, when they stopped a car in which Thompson was a passenger on Kildare Street.

Officers noticed a passenger and his driver wearing bullet proof vests while travelling close to the Dail. On closer inspection, gardai realised that the passenger was in fact Thompson.

Crumlin gangster Thompson was one of several of Kelly's associates who heard Fr David Lumsden make a courageous appeal to the city's criminals to stop killing each other.

"If you're involved in the type of activity that brought Michael to his death, would you do just one thing at Mass this morning?" the priest said.

He asked them to consider the children sitting "here in the front row of the church", as well as the Kelly family, "whose hearts are broken".

"Desist from it now, before, God forbid, any further deaths occur," he added during the Mass at St Benedict's Church in Kilbarrack.

Thompson was one of hundreds of mourners who watched Kelly's young children, Hannah and Ryan, read prayers of the faithful.

Kelly was shot dead on September 15.

It has emerged that two gunmen used an AK47 assault rifle to shoot the gangster. No arrests have yet been made.