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Fast food here among world's most expensive

Ireland is one of the most expensive places on the planet for fast food, according to a new survey.

Kentucky Fried Chicken may be seen as a cheap meal, but a new study by No. 1 Currency shows the chicken meal is only dearer in Australia in its new poll of 13 popular tourist destinations.

The survey of the price of some of the biggest brands in the world shows Ireland is also on par with most European countries for a Big Mac meal at €6.35, but the same burger meal in Thailand is almost half the price at €3.65.

A KFC four-piece meal is at its most costly in Australia at a steep €11.80, but Ireland ranks the second most expensive at €7.79. The survey also shows we are the third most expensive for a pint of beer at €4.40, which is more the double the price of the same pint in Spain at just €2.

Simon Phillips, head of retail for No. 1 Currency, said Ireland ranked highly in a number of the categories.

"Ireland ranks as one of the more expensive locations for fast food, topped only by Australia when it comes to a KFC four-piece meal," he said.

"A night in a youth hostel will also set you back a fair whack at €25.79 a night on average (in Ireland) - more than four times the price of an overnight stay in Poland at €6.36 and five times more than Thailand at €4.47.


"And if you're planning on stocking up on your favourite brands, head to the US where a pair of classic Levi jeans are half the price you'll pay at home, at just €37.05. Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts at €66.96 are a steal compared to €85."

Ireland is the fifth most expensive for both big Mac meals and Pizza Hut meals.

A medium margarita in Ireland costs on average €12.45 and was much better value than the €15.97 charged in Australia, but it was twice as dear as the €6.20 charged for the same meal in Poland.