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Fashion is 50 shades of silly -Jamie

actor Jamie Dornan's star is about to rise even further with the pending release of 50 Shades of Grey and the return of The Fall.

But even though he first made his mark as a model for Calvin Klein, he still finds the fashion industry "a bit silly".

"I have a lot of respect for the fashion industry, but when you break it down it's all a bit silly," he said.

"There's a certain stigma attached to the whole thing of model-turned-actor.

"But I was always quite a reluctant model, to my agent's annoyance.

"I was never hugely keen on it or doing it, and in a weird way I didn't do a great deal of it.

"They happened to be jobs that ended up on the sides of buses, but it wasn't this all-consuming thing. I've never done a catwalk show in my life."

The Irish star also revealed that at the time he felt more like a failed actor than a hot-shot model.

"For the last 10 years of my life I've been a model. I will always think of myself during that time less as being a relatively successful model, more of a failed actor, because I was failing every week," he said.

It was recently revealed that the Co Down actor almost didn't land his acclaimed role in The Fall because he was so good looking.

Producers admitted they weren't looking to hire someone handsome for the part of a serial killer.

"The initial intention was not to hire somebody who was that attractive," his co-star Gillian Anderson told The Hollywood Reporter.

"However, it was clear that he was very much the man for the job.

"It didn't have anything to do with his good looks, though in the process we realised what that would do psychologically to the viewer.

"There was something intriguing about that, most definitely."

The former X Files star also revealed that Jamie's success hasn't gone to his head and he's very down-to-earth. "Jamie is one of the most grounded people I know. He has a really good head on his shoulders," she said.

"He has a really lovely wife and a lovely family life with his new baby.

"He's got it all in perspective and has a very appropriate and right-sized take on all of this. I don't think he needs any advice from anyone."

Even though he has extensive experience as an actor, Jamie recently admitted that he feels like he doesn't do a good audition and often crumbles under pressure in the initial phase.


He also said he'll be forever grateful to The Fall writer Allan Cubitt for believing in him, because the lead role in the series has changed his life.

"I don't sell myself well. I didn't do a good audition for The Fall," Jamie admitted in an interview with British Vogue.

"But Allan Cubitt saw something in me. I think he had to work pretty hard to convince everyone else, though.

"The Fall changed my life - that's not an overstatement."