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Farmer fuming after Kenny tells him to 'get a life'

PAT Kenny told a member of his Frontline audience to "get a life" as a TV debate descended into a shouting match.

The veteran RTE presenter struggled to keep his cool as Farmers For No campaign chairman James Reynolds argued against the Fiscal Treaty.

Mr Kenny roared back at the Longford man as he attempted to regain control of the heated debate involving the Yes and No camps.

Mr Reynolds was "pretty annoyed" by the host.

The row broke out when the farmers' representative said a Yes in this month's referendum would be bad for rural Ireland.

Mr Reynolds said voters should reject the Fiscal Treaty on the basis that the emergency fund is not large enough to bail out countries like Spain and Italy.

When he asked what would happen when there is a "shortfall", Mr Kenny interjected loudly: "They'll take it from the farmers."

Mr Reynolds insisted: "They're going to raid the CAP budget."

Eventually Mr Kenny lost it after the persistent farmer said the treaty "will shut down rural Ireland."

The presenter hit back: "Ah, we're losing the CAP now. Come on James, get a life."

When contacted today, Mr Reynolds felt that the presenter misunderstood his point.

Mr Reynolds said Farmers For No has almost 70 members but the support of up to 900 people.

He insisted they are not a rival to the Irish Farmers' Association but are there to represent the views of a significant number of rural dwellers.