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Fans willing to pay €7k for Dubs tickets

DESPERATE GAA fans are willing to pay thousands of euro for tickets for the All Ireland senior football final.

One eBay member held an auction for two tickets last Wednesday with the final bid on the tickets being €7,100, after three days, five bidders and a total of 53 bids on the tickets.

The anonymous would-be buyer would have paid a total of €7,105 including registered postage and packaging to receive the tickets for the match between Dublin and Mayo on September 22 in Croke Park. Over 1,000 people viewed the listing.

However, the mysterious seller decided to remove the item from auction, cancelling the transaction with the buyer as they felt the bidding had got out of control, saying the price was "too high".

They have since decided to attend the match themselves.

Other items on sale on the auction site include jerseys, programmes for past matches and other merchandise invaluable to the true GAA fan.

Tickets for the All Ireland were not on general sale but available through county boards and GAA clubs. Dedicated fans were made a priority with the tickets made readily available to season ticket holders who had attended at least 60pc of their county's games throughout the season.

Tickets are very rare and there are numerous pleas online by frantic fans hoping to be in the crowds at Croker, with smug ticket holders proudly posting photos of their tickets online through Instagram and Facebook.