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'fans were worse than one directioners'

Presenter Laura Whitmore has revealed that the Eurovision wasn't as glamorous as she thought it would be.

The Bray star covered the European-wide song contest for the first time last year for BBC3.

"It was my first year and I've never seen anything like it - it's a whole other world," she said.

"I've never seen anything like the die-hard Eurovision fans - they're worse than One Directioners. It's a bit crazy, it blew me away, I wasn't prepared for it.

"The one thing I remember is that I was up in one the commentator boxes at the back that everyone sits in," she added.

"I remember thinking 'Oh this is very glamorous' but I had to climb up a safety ladder to get to the top of it and then every time fireworks or something would go off, the whole thing would shake.

"So I was a bit fearful but the stage is amazing - they go big with it."

While she won't be jetting off to the Eurovision in Vienna until May, 29-year-old Laura partied the night away at the Baftas on Sunday.

"Harvey Weinsten's party is the one that everyone goes to," she revealed.

"The awards go on a bit and then they get to let their hair down and there was a lot of dancing going on.


"People have been working on these movies for such a long time and they're really just able to celebrate that," she continued.

"It's always so weird to see all these people together like you had Cuba Gooding Junior getting down on the dance floor and then there was Douglas Booth dancing on a table. It's just fun, they're just people having a laugh."

The Grammy awards took place on the same night and while Hozier didn't come home with an award, Laura thinks next year will be his year.

"His album didn't come out in time to be nominated this year, so I think this was just a taster for things to come," she said.

"He's already on the map in the US now," she told the Herald.