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Fans split on whether trap should stay or go...

NOT since the Roy Keane versus Mick McCarthy controversy of Saipan have the fans been so divided.

Giovanni Trapattoni was being praised and criticised in equal measure today as fans came to terms with three straight defeats for the Republic of Ireland. It seems that a substantial number of 'Trap's Green Army' now believe it is time for the Italian to retire.

Speaking to the Herald in Poznan's main square early today, Aidan Fallon (27) from Roscommon (left) said: "I'd have him gone in the morning. I definitely think he's too negative. He's old style. An old style Italian manager. What is the good in getting here and then conceding nine goals?"

Niall Finnerty (32) from Kilcoole in Wicklow said: "He's brought us this far. He brought us to this stage in Europe and then we did nothing. He should probably have brought different players."

But while the supporters in Poland were undecided about Trapattoni's future their chants throughout the night sent a clear message to former international captain Roy Keane.

"Trapattoni brought us to the European stage and then we made a show of ourselves. But at the same time Roy Keane should keep his mouth shut about the fans. It's fair enough to criticise the team but not the fans. He's an attention seeker," said Mr Finnerty.

Ciaran Baneham (32) concurred: "The scenes here would make you very proud to be an Irishman. Roy Keane, he has some neck. You have to remember that we played the world's numbers one, four and nine."

He argued that the FAI jumped too far ahead by offering Trapa deal and not waiting for the championships to see how we performed.