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Fans pay for trip with pub 'krawl through Krakow'

A GROUP of Irish fans are paying their way to Euro 2012 by getting drunk in cities across Poland.

Thirsty fans are joining the "Krawl through Krakow" pub crawl as reps to fund the once in a lifetime trip to Euro 2012.

Even though Ireland don't play any games in Krakow, pub crawl founder David Powe-Bowman has noticed an increase in Irish fans in the city.

"It has definitely seen more Irish in the last few months and I have an Irish team working for the pub crawl.

"They just do promotion during the day and try to get as many people as possible to come along. Then at night they just organise the pub crawls and tell people where they are going."

Powe-Bowman says the pub crawl in Krakow has become so successful that it is being copied in other cities across Poland including Wroclaw and Gdansk.


"We're spreading out in Poland, and our Irish team are actually moving to Wroclaw later this week, then obviously they'll head on to Poznan and Gdansk. We are providing them with free accommodation and free beer.

Meanwhile, Giovanni Trapattoni took some time out last night to press the flesh with fans in Poland and win over some more supporters for the Green Army.

The Irish squad today held their final training session at their base in Gdynia, on the Baltic coast of Poland, ahead of tomorrow's 320km trip to Poznan for Sunday's Group C opener against Croatia.

But Trap and his players are starting to feel at home at their seaside base. Last night Trapattoni took a break from his training schedule to show up for a live broadcast of Newstalk's Off The Ball show in Sopot.

And after the radio show Trapattoni and his coaching staff of Marco Tardelli and Fausto Rossi took a stroll around the town, where they posed for photos with locals.

The Irish players will fly to Poznan tomorrow and train in the match stadium tomorrow night.

But it's been made clear that the boys in green will be welcomed back as locals insist that the Irish are the perfect guests.

Daruisz Schwarz, manager of the GOSiR stadium which Ireland are using for their training base, said: "There is a great humour within the Irish squad."



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