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Family's plea to hit-and-run motorist who killed Gerry

THE family of a man killed in a hit-and-run last year have appealed for information about his death.

Gerry Keane (66) was knocked down as he attempted to go for his regular Friday night pint in the village of Ardrahan, Galway.

On November 16, Gerry received a lift into town and as he tried to cross the main route from Gort to Oranmore, he was struck by a car at approximately 7.30pm and died from his injuries the next day.

Gerry's brother Albert said that the Keane family are heartbroken and wish that the driver of the car would own up to their actions.

"We have no closure. We would like if someone would come forward, we would just like to get it sorted and let Gerry rest in peace," he said.

"Gerry, above all people, was such a careful, quiet man. For this to happen to him, it's unbelievable. We miss him terribly, it's very lonely without him.

"I'm sure they (the driver of the car) didn't go out with that intention because it happened so fast," he added.


Although he was a bachelor, Gerry was particularly close to his huge family and lived next door to his brother Thomas.

And Albert, who lives three miles from Ardrahan, says that he relives the heartache every time he passes the village.

"There were 11 in the family, eight girls and three boys. Gerry was the oldest boy and lived here all his life with Thomas and his family," Albert said.

"Gerry had nephews, nieces, grand nephews and grandnieces all living around here.

"Even though he was a bachelor he still had a big family.

"For everything that was going on, anything that happened, Gerry was in the centre of it.

"And for the family that that wasn't living so close, he was like the grandfather or their father because he was the man that was here always."

And Albert said his brother relished his routine at the end of the week.

"Friday night was his night out," he said.

"He worked all week and early on Friday he would be very happy because this was his time out, going to Tarpey's in Ardrahan and Joyce's."

RTE's Crimecall will feature the interview with Gerry's brother and will speak to Inspector Ernie White, who will outline the investigation and the current lines of enquiry.