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Family's lucky escape as shots fired into home

A WOMAN and her son were lucky to escape unharmed when a gunman opened fire on their Tallaght home.

Gardai are investigating the circumstances around the attack which happened at Drumcairn Avenue in Fettercairn at around 7pm last night.

Two men arrived at the house on a motorbike, and the pillion passenger fired three shots at the front door before the bike was ridden away.

One of the shots hit the banister of the stairs after punching through the PVC door.


Gardai said that if anyone had been behind the door they could have been seriously injured or killed.

Neighbours reacted with shock this morning, saying they thought the noises they heard were bangers for Halloween.

"I heard noises alright, but at this time of the year there's lots of kids messing with bangers, but I knew there was something wrong when I saw all the gardai arriving," said one woman.

"They're lovely people that live there. They're quiet and never cause any trouble," said another.

The scene of the shooting was sealed off, pending a forensic examination by the garda technical bureau.

Three bullet holes could be seen in the lower half of the front door, caused by ammunition from a handgun.

A woman who lives at the house was at home with her 22-year-old son when the shooting occurred. There were no reports of injuries.