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Family's farewell to the Dublin DJ who was 'one of a kind'


 The funeral of Ross Cummins's in Ringsend. Photo: Frank McGrath

The funeral of Ross Cummins's in Ringsend. Photo: Frank McGrath

The funeral of Ross Cummins's in Ringsend. Photo: Frank McGrath

THE funeral has taken place of the Dublin DJ whose death last weekend was linked to the NeckNomination internet drinking game.

Ross Cummins, from Stella Gardens in Irishtown, was found dead by friends at around 5.30am on Saturday morning after a party in the Macken Street area, just off Pearse Street in the south city.

The 23-year-old was a former student at Ringsend Tech and also worked part-time for Tesco. His funeral took place this morning at St Patrick's Church in Ringsend.

Chief mourners were his parents Jackie and Robert, his bothers Sean and Ciaran, and his girlfriend Niamh Murphy.

Niamh spoke of her love for him. "You were one of a kind, and no words can describe the type of person you were," she said with emotion.



"Music to him was the answer to any problem that came his way. As long as I live I'll never forget all the amazing memories you gave me," she added. "I promise that for the rest of my life I'll carry you with me. I love you."

Ross's coffin was walked to the church on the shoulders of the pall-bearers.

The church was full to capacity, with a large number of mourners left listening to the mass on a loudspeaker outside.

Mourners heard the priest say that what happened to Ross was a tragedy.

"It shouldn't have happened. We feel robbed," he said.

"Sometimes we are not as strong as we would like to think we are, we are not superhuman," he added.

"We don't judge him, we don't call him names, we don't say anything bad about him. We wish him peace", the priest said.

Gifts brought to the altar included a Prodigy CD and a set of headphones in recognition of his love of DJing.

A Tesco t-shirt to represent his work, bracelets he had collected, and a wig and costume were brought by his brothers Sean and Ciaran to show his fun-loving nature.

It is thought Ross was dead for some time when he was found and his death is believed to be alcohol-related.

Members of Dublin Fire Brigade attempted to resuscitate him but it was too late.

Friends had put Ross to bed on Friday night and it was when they went to wake him that they found him dead.



A post-mortem was carried out on his body but it could be days before toxicology results will be known.

Gardai are treating Ross's death as a tragedy and have spoken to some of the people who were at the party in an effort to find out what contributed to his death.

While there were some suggestions online that Ross had posted a Neknomination video on January 22, other posters claimed that Ross had not engaged in the practice in the hours before he died. Friends of Ross had claimed online that he had consumed a large amount of whiskey at the party.

After the Mass, Ross's coffin was taken to Mount Jerome Cemetery for burial.