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Family 'will have nowhere to live' at end of month

DUBLIN mum Bernadette Cullen (27) says when her lease is up in March she and her family will have nowhere to live.

She and her partner Trevor Quirke (27) have four children – Clayton (8) who is making his communion in May, Nadia (7), Jayden (3) and baby Hallie-Mae, who will be one in two weeks.

"We are renting for the last four years," Bernadette said.

However, their lease is up on March 1, and they have to move out then as the landlord requires the property back, and is not in a position to grant a further lease.

The couple, who are unemployed, receive rent allowance, and live in the Kilmainham region in Dublin 8.

Bernadette has been in contact with the local council about housing. "I am being told there are still 24 people ahead of me on the list for housing," said Bernadette.

"I am on the housing list for the last nine years and I never got offered one place," the mum-of-four said. She said she speaks to the council regularly about the matter.

The family are in private rented accommodation, and Bernadette has been searching for another property but to no avail.


She pointed out it is hard to find somewhere for a family of six that accepts rent allowance.

The rent allowance is €797 a month for the couple and the four children.

"It is very, very hard. All I am worrying about is my children," Bernadette said. The older children go to school at St James's in Basin Lane, and Jayden goes to pre-school in Cork Street.

She said that March 1 is a Saturday, and "basically we have nowhere to live".

Local authorities have a statutory obligation to provide emergency accommodation to a person who is unable to provide accommodation from their own resources and have been assessed as being homeless.

Each local authority in Dublin has an assessment and placement service.

But there are concerns for Bernadette about any emergency accommodation she may be provided with. She is worried she will be moved somewhere further away.

A spokesperson for Dublin City Council said that it doesn't comment on individual cases.