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Family were planning new life back home within weeks

JOLANTA Lubiene and her eight-year-old daughter Enrika were preparing for a new life away from Ireland, it has emerged.

Jolanta's father was ill in her native Lithuania – and mother and daughter were due to return there in just three weeks' time.

In recent weeks, the mum-of-one started selling a number of items online, including her car and gym equipment.

This was so she could raise money to buy air tickets for herself and her young daughter back to Lithuania.

It was hoped they would be joined by Enrika's father Marius Lubys (29).

Jolanta (27) and Marius moved to Ireland in 2005.

Marius, who works in Sweden, was informed of the killings by phone on Sunday night and collected by friends at Dublin Airport yesterday.

Mr Lubys, who was visibly shocked, told the Herald the family had lived together in Killorglin up until six months ago when he left to go to Sweden.

He said they were due to be reunited in Lithuania in three weeks' time.


"The last time I spoke to Jolanta was in April," said Mr Lubys, who met his wife when she was 17 and still in school in Telsiai, western Lithuania.

"She was such a nice person," Mr Lubys added.

According to Marius, Jolanta spoke about returning home to Lithuania later this year.

They had also discussed leaving Enrika with her grandparents in Lithuania so they could work in Sweden to save money to move home for good.

Friend and neighbour Artur Liberi knew Jolanta for the past seven years and had previously worked with Jolanta in the local SuperValu, before she obtained employment in St Joseph's nursing home as a chef.

"Six months ago her husband went to work in a different country and then a while back Jolanta got word that her father was ill in Lithuania.

"She sold all her possessions, including her car, to buy her ticket to return home to Lithuania with Enrika.

"They were supposed to fly back forever in a couple of weeks," he said.