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Family settle for €560k after mum dies in routine op

THE family of a woman who died of multi-organ failure seven days after she had routine operation at Mount Carmel Hospital in Dublin has settled a High Court action for €560,000.

Mum-of-three Linda Royal (50), of Forest Green, Kingswood Heights, Tallaght, Dublin, died in September 2008 days after a hysterectomy operation.

The family's senior counsel, Desmond O'Neill, told the court Mrs Royal became septic and this carried on for a number of days without being noticed.

When she was transferred as an emergency to St James's Hospital for an operation, it was found she had organ failure, counsel said.

Louis Royal lost his wife of 30 years, when their third child was only 12 years of age, he said.

Counsel said a separate action brought by Mr Royal over the loss of his wife could be struck out.

An inquest two years ago in to the death of Mrs Royal heard she developed septicaemia, or blood poisoning, caused by a rare bacteria following the hysterectomy. This led to multi-organ failure and septic shock.

Coroner Dr Brian Farrell said he was satisfied it was a post-operative complication of an elective procedure and he recorded a verdict of death by medical misadventure.

Mrs Royal's son, Keith Royal, of Brookes Mill, Prosperous, Co Kildare, sued the hospital operators Mount Carmel Medical Group Ltd, and consultant gynaecologist Mona Joyce, at Mount Carmel Hospital, over the death of his mother Linda Royal on September 29, 2008, due to a number of alleged failures which were denied by the defendants.


It was claimed that Mrs Royal was referred to Ms Joyce in 2008 who advised that she have a hysterectomy.

She was admitted to Mount Carmel Hospital and had the surgery on September 22, 2008.

It was claimed Mrs Royal did reasonably well for the next two days but on September 26, she was unwell and had pain the next day.

It was claimed she was given a number of laxatives but on September 28 her condition was worse and she was transferred to St James's Hospital, but she died the next day.

It was claimed there was an alleged failure to maintain an appropriate level of precautions for infection control to limit the risk of Mrs Royal's exposure to infection.

There was also an alleged failure to recognise the seriousness of her condition at the earliest possible opportunity, it was claimed.

There was also an alleged delay in transferring her to St James's.

Mrs Royal's family, it was claimed, suffered great distress over her death at such an early age.

The circumstances of her death along with the funeral were very difficult, it was also claimed.

The claims were denied.