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Family places plaque for hit-and-run teen

The heartbroken family and friends of a Cabra teenager who was killed by in a hit-and-run before Christmas have placed a plaque at the junction where he was knocked down.

Conor Hickey, who lived on nearby St Attracta's Road, was 14 when he died after he was hit by the car as he crossed Faussagh Road at the junction with St Eithne's Road in December 2.

The black marble stone, with writing in gold, bears the inscription In Loving Memory of Conor Hickey and also gives Conor's age and date of death.

A message reads: 'Always in our hearts. Love from your family and friends.'

Set into the plaque is a photograph of Conor smiling.

A small fresh bunch of flowers is placed in a special holder with Conor's name on it, tied to the pedestrian traffic lights where he had crossed the road before being struck by the car.

After the incident which led to Conor's death, the car, a silver-coloured and medium-sized saloon, drove up Fassaugh Road towards Phibsborough.


After hitting Conor, the car almost collided with a second vehicle as the driver fled the Cabra area.

Conor was taken to Beaumont Hospital, where he died after his family made the brave decision to turn off the machine keeping him alive and donate his organs to help others.

One man has been arrested but nobody has been charged.

Officers have obtained key evidence against the chief suspect and located the car they think was being driven in the incident.