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Family of victim says slain hitman deserved it

MURDERED assassin Daniel Gaynor (24) reaped what he had sown, the family of one of his alleged victims has told the Herald.

The family of Maurice Martin (21) told the Herald that Gaynor's own death is equal to the death sentence he imposed on others, and the life sentence for their grieving families.

Gaynor (24) was blasted in the neck and chest last Saturday week in front of his two young children and partner, becoming the latest gangland gun victim in the capital.

He was the chief suspect for the murder of Mr Martin (21), who was stabbed to death in Finglas in June last year.

A Martin family member today revealed that gardai told them within days of Mr Martin's murder that Gaynor was chief suspect in his death.

"His death is the same as the sentence he gave our Maurice," said a family member.


Mr Martin suffered several stab wounds during a fight in Finglas and gardai believe he was drinking in the company of his killer at a house party before a fight broke out.

He was stabbed repeatedly in the chest and neck in what they described as a sustained attack. At one point he tried to prop himself against the wall of a house but then started to lose consciousness.

He finally collapsed between Cardiffsbridge Road and Tolka Valley Road in Finglas.

Mr Martin's family pointed out that he had no involvement in gang crime and his death appears to have happened after a personal row.

Originally from Kippure Park in Finglas, he had moved to Navan, Co Meath, several years ago.

When Gaynor was killed last Saturday, gardai set about calling the families of his victims to alert them to the news. Mr Martin's family was on their list.

The parents of Tallaght postman Robert Delany, who is in a vegetative state in Tallaght Hospital after being blasted in the head in October 2008, were also contacted to be told that one of the chief suspects in their son's shooting was now dead.

Gaynor is also believed to be responsible for the recent killing of Colm 'Collie' Owens (34) in Finglas in June. The pal of slain crime boss Eamonn 'The Don' Dunne was gunned down as he worked in a feed store.

It was a contract murder that may have directly led to Gaynor's own death, in revenge.

Owens' family are also believed to have been alerted by gardai when Gaynor was shot.

Gaynor was also rumoured to be linked to the killing of The Don himself, but gardai have discounted this.