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Family of brave Liam (3) awaits results

THE family of a little boy who suffers from rare Battens disease is anxiously awaiting test results to tell them if his pioneering surgery was successful.

Last year Tony Heffernan and his wife Mary travelled to the US so their three-year-old son Liam could undergo an operation that could save him from the neuro-degenerative disease that killed his sister Saoirse (5) last year.

And at his annual check-up at New York's prestigious Weill Cornell Hospital, he underwent tests to see if the medical trials were successful.

But both Tony and Mary must now wait until next week to ascertain whether their courageous little boy is cured.

"The treatment has at least pushed a pause button, and there is hope, and that's what we're focusing on at this stage, hope.

"Overall we're anxious with Liam, we're waiting for results to arrive from America after his annual appointment. They're sending them over by courier and they've to go to doctors in Ireland first and then they give us the news.

"We spent 10 days over there and we're just waiting now. We know everything doesn't seem 100pc right with Liam.

"Still he's happy, he's eating, he's a very, very loving child. Liam is happy in himself."

Tony and Mary are also faced with the harrowing reality of erecting Saoirse's head stone, despite the fact that Tony must be abroad due to work commitments.