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Family in shock after dad blasted to death at home

The family of retired truck driver Edward Nugent, who was shot dead at his Walkinstown home, have said there is no reason why he should have been targeted in any attack.

Edward's devastated son Kieran today told the Herald that his father was a very ill man who never had any involvement in crime.

Edward (64) was shot dead at his home on Harty Avenue at 9.30pm as he answered a knock on the door.

Four bullet holes in a pane of glass in the porch indicate that he was standing in plain view of the killers when they opened fire.

"My father was a very ill man. He had suffered heart attacks and strokes and had just been in bed for 11 days with the vomiting bug and the flu," said Kieran.

"If you hit him he wouldn't even be able to defend himself, let alone shoot him," he added.

"Dad was never involved in any crime. Whoever did this got the wrong man. They are scumbags with no value for life. They shot an innocent man," Kieran explained.

Edward's other son Thomas was in the house at the time of the killing, along with his partner. Edward's wife Ann was out at the time.

"We are all in shock. We are numb. We are lost for words," said Kieran.

Senior sources confirmed today that the "strongest line" in the garda investigation is that Mr Nugent was a victim of mistaken identity.

Detectives are investigating whether the actual murder target was a man, known to the victim, who became embroiled in a "dispute" with a dangerous gang based in the Crumlin area.

This young man is not considered a criminal but may still have been targeted because of the "serious disagreement" he had with the young mobsters who have been terrorising their local community in recent months, including incidents where shots have been fired at houses.


Members of the garda technical bureau today began gathering forensic evidence. At 9.15am they took away Edward's car and a small boat that was in the driveway for examination.

"My father did up old boats as a hobby, but he hasn't been able to do anything lately because of his health," Kieran explained.

It is understood Edward was shot with a handgun at least twice last night, once in the head and once in the chest.

The gunmen then drove away in a car that was found burnt out a short distance away on Esposito Road.

The firearm used in the murder was not recovered in the burnt out car.

A couple living nearby spoke of their shock and horror.

"We heard two shots. I thought it was a car backfiring. It was very loud," said the man.

"I saw the flashing lights of the fire brigade and ambulance and police cars and then I knew something was very wrong.

"We are all very shocked. They are a lovely family, very helpful, very decent people. It might have been a case of mistaken identity," the man said.

"He was a brilliant neighbour. When we moved here 10 years ago, we were told the people to get in touch for help were Edward and Ann," said a shocked local woman.

"The first I heard he had been shot tonight was when the gardai arrived. This is terrible.

"He has never been in any trouble and his children were never in any trouble growing up. God forgive whoever did it," she added.