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Family hotel Kelly's enjoys a terrific year

FAMILY favourite, Kelly's Hotel in Rosslare had a great year, bucking the bad news for so many properties here.

The luxury resort hotel said occupancy levels soared to 90pc after the company implemented a 'positive thinking' mantra.

Owner and MD Bill Kelly said despite the recession the company was able to maintain a decent turnover and packed out the hotel throughout 2011.

He credits a visit from motivational speaker Marcus Child with their success.

And he said there needed to be an immediate end to the general negativity that is stalling the country's emergence from the current economic crisis.

Speaker Mr Child has over 15 years of experience in working with organisations who have faced uncompromising situations and big questions.

He has worked with international groups such as Marriott Hotels, P&O, ITV and AOL.

Mr Kelly said that a key challenge for industry managers in the current environment was how to keep staff motivated and engaged in an environment where cutbacks, cost reductions and dealing with banks were the order of the day.

"Marcus's encouragement of a positive outlook was an essential ingredient in Kelly's Hotel," Mr Kelly said.

"Instead of a 'tough times requires tough measures' approach, we went for positive creative measures to drive sales, reduce costs and improve service and these worked for us."

Kelly's have now invited Mr Child to do a three-day workshop at Kelly's Resort Hotel to prompt positive thinking.

He will take the stage between March 25 and 28.

Kelly's four star Resort Hotel & Spa Wexford also has many other themed weekend and midweek breaks on offer. It's been family run since 1895.