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Family furious as hospital plans to move coma mum

MANAGEMENT at Beaumont Hospital have revived plans to move a mother, who is in a coma, 150 kilometres away from her loved ones.

The family of Amanda Denton (42), from Bluebell in Dublin, has been pleading with the hospital not to move her to Wexford General Hospital.

Their pleas appeared to be heeded last week when the Taoiseach’s office contacted the hospital to express the family’s wishes.

Ms Denton’s partner Tom Lee (45) had met Enda Kenny at Beaumont the weekend before last where he expressed his frustrations.


But Mr Lee said that the family has been told that Ms Denton would still be moved to Wexford, following initial indications that she would be transferred to Tallaght Hospital.

“Over the weekend they said that her lungs were improving. They moved her to a ward from the ICU, but she took a seizure,” said Mr Lee.

“She was moved back to the ICU. They came to me and said that she would still be sent to Wexford.

“They just moved her downstairs to a ward and she had a seizure, how can she be moved 150 kilometres? I don’t want to be ungrateful for what everyone has done for her but I don’t know what to do.

“They just say it’s hospital policy that if she came from Wexford, she has to go back there”

Ms Denton’s loved ones all live in Dublin. And it was a bizarre set of circumstances that led her to be taken to Wexford General Hospital in the first place.

At around midnight on May 13, Ms Denton fell down the stairs at her home in Courtown, Co Wexford.

She suffered serious head injuries in the incident.

An ambulance was called and the doctor who arrived on scene recommended that she be taken immediately to Beaumont in Dublin - which specialises in head injuries - for surgery.

But, on the way, the ambulance could not make contact with Beaumont and instead took her to Wexford General Hospital.

Ms Denton was eventually referred to Beaumont where she underwent surgery.

Mr Lee has previously said he hoped if the family could stay by Ms Denton’s side, there was a slim hope she might recognise a voice and improve.


“When we got in we were told that there was basically no hope and to think about organ donation,” Mr Lee said.

Ms Denton was living in Courtown with Mr Lee at the time of the accident but they had been due to move to Clondalkin two days later.

A spokesperson for Beaumont Hospital refused to comment on any aspect of the case, citing patient privacy.