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Family cheats death as blaze guts home

A MOTHER and her four children, including a six-week-old baby, had a lucky escape when their Crumlin house was gutted by fire in the early hours of this morning.

Two of the family were taken to hospital with smoke inhalation, but neighbours said everyone was lucky to get out alive.

The woman who lives in the terraced house on Rutland Grove raised the alarm at around 2am.

"It was frightening. The flames were jumping about eight feet out the windows," said a neighbour today.

"There was an open fire in the living room and it looks like something fell out of it and the thing just took off from there.

"In fairness, the fire brigade were here very quickly and met the flames head-on."

The house was gutted, with the flames destroying every room and causing huge damage to the stairs.

Debris pulled out of the blaze by fire crews was strewn in the garden and neighbours said they were blessed that their houses were not damaged.

"The fire crews were in the neighbouring houses as well checking the attics and roof spaces to make sure the flames did not spread," said one Rutland Grove resident.

The family are understood to have lived at the address for around two years.

Three units of Dublin Fire Brigade, an ambulance and a senior fire officer, were called, and the emergency crews battled the flames for an hour before the scene could be declared safe.



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