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Families on alert as young girls escape street abduction

PARENTS in Co Kildare are on alert after a man tried to abduct a group of young girls -- two evenings in a row.

Residents associations and community groups in Newbridge have issued the "stranger danger" alerts after a male in a silver jeep tried to lure young girls into the vehicle.

The incidents took place on the evenings of August 24 and 25 as the children were playing on green areas in their estates.

Locals have taken precautions and have increased surveillance of their children.

Brian Little, of the residents' association at Walshetown Park, where the first incident took place, told the Herald that people should be vigilant.

"The three girls who were playing were between 11 and 12 years of age," he explained.

"The man stopped and told them to get in but they just ran.

"There are evil individuals out there and people need to take proper precautions.

"If I didn't try to bring this to people's attention and someone went missing I would not be able to live with myself."

According to gardai, the driver, described as middle-aged, pulled up alongside the girls and started talking to them.

"There is some confusion as to whether he asked them to get in," explained Sergeant Seamus Rothwell of Newbridge Garda Station. "He pulled up and started talking to them and we now would like to see what was behind it and what was his motive."

The second incident, which may not be linked to the first, happened the following day in the Piercetown area of Newbridge.

"There were two girls playing on the front lawn," said Sgt Rothwell. "A jeep pulled up and a male driver just said hello. An adult was watching and called the girls inside.

"He was driving a light blue/silver grey jeep. We are not sure if it is the same person. He was described as being middle-aged again.

"This could be somebody pulling up looking for directions."