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Families fight crematorium plan in suburb

PLANS to build a €3.5m crematorium in a southside suburb have sparked outrage from locals.

Kilternan residents say they are "vehemently" opposed to plans by Park Developments to construct a crematorium and graveyard.


The planning application is seeking permission for a 1,700-plot traditional graveyard, three metre crematorium walls to store ashes and a chapel with seating for 150 people.

The planned development at Ballycorus Road, also includes the construction of a "committal" room with two cremators.

The developers behind the project say it will create up to 100 jobs -- 80 in the construction stage and up to 20 in the running of the facility.

However, members of the Kilternan residents association told the Herald that they will fight "tooth and nail" against the development.

"It will present a major health risk for all of us residents if it goes ahead. There are many residences within a few hundred yards of the site and we are dreadfully concerned for our quality of life," said vice chairman Coleman Curran.

"We are talking about a very scenic area, which is often used by walkers. This is nothing but a commercial and money-making enterprise. It is an industrial incinerator project dressed up as a graveyard.

"The area in question is a valley and a bog. It is simply not suitable for the likes of a crematorium. We are going to fight this right until the end."

However a spokesperson for Park Developments today rejected Mr Curran's claims that the facility would damage the local landscape or affect the health of residents.

"We are investing some €500,000 euro in a state of the art emission abatement system, such that there is no risk whatsoever of any unabated emissions being discharged and in many ways the air coming out of the crematorium will be cleaner than that entering it."

There are currently three other crematoria in Dublin -- Glasnevin, Harold's Cross and Newland's Cross.


Park Development claims that the new facility will help ease the "overcapacity" on other graveyards.

"The demand for crematoria is growing rapidly. Other graveyards in Dublin are at capacity. We believe that this is a badly needed community facility and most of the other residents can see the benefits," the spokesperson added.

A decision on the application is due by August 29.