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Fallen tree in city centre is chilling reminder of Lynda's shocking death

A LARGE tree has been blown down in Dublin city centre in a chilling reminder of mum-of-three Lynda Collins' death.

Ms Collins was killed on February 3 when a branch of a tree broke free in a gale and pinned her to the ground while she was crossing Waterloo Road in Dublin 4.

The latest incident happened at 1pm on a busy Gardiner Street in Dublin 1 where a tree fell down across the two lanes of roadway. It was uprooted from the pavement and collapsed onto the thoroughfare.

Dublin City Council told the Herald today it does not yet know whether there were other factors other than high winds which may have contributed to the accident. "The parks division do inspections on a regular basis. All the trees along Gardiner Street had been pruned about two years ago," a spokeswoman said.

She added that checks will be carried out on the other trees along the street in light of what happened.

No one was injured in yesterday's incident.

Council workers cleared the roadway in about an hour.

Ms Collins (45) died instantly when she was struck by a tree. Richard Collins said the death of his wife had been a "one in a million chance" and had left him and their three children, Georgia (14), Robert (13) and Juliana (7) devastated.