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Fall star Aisling holds off on US move as she waits for start of third series


Aisling Franciosi

Aisling Franciosi

Aisling Franciosi

She's just wrapped filming on a huge TV show, but Aisling Franciosi has no plans to relocate to America just yet.

The half-Italian, half-Irish actress is known for playing babysitter Katie in The Fall and got her big break in the second series of TNT show, Legends.

The crime drama follows an undercover FBI agent played by Sean Bean who changes himself into a different person for each case.

Aisling plays a troubled British student who is "searching for her own identity".

The 22-year-old had a lot of scenes with Bean and said she loved working with the Game of Thrones star.

"I just finished filming Legends for TNT so that was mad," she told the Diary.

"I got to live in Prague for four-and-a-half months and work with Sean Bean, who I think is amazing.

"I play a character called Kate Crawford, and her story is linked very much with Sean's character, Martin.

"It's a follow-on from season one but it's completely different, they've totally reinvented it.

"It's airing in the States at the moment which is great, I love seeing people's reaction to it," she added.


But despite her success, she won't be moving to LA just yet as she's waiting on the phone call to join her co-stars Jamie Dornan and Gillian Anderson on the set of season three of Belfast drama The Fall.

"I don't know if I would move to the States full-time but I was there last year just as The Fall was coming out on Netflix and I fell in love with it - it was just so cool," she said.

"There were so many meetings and great opportunities but I'm kind of in a place of limbo with work at the moment so I can't go until I know more.

"I'm starting work after Christmas and then if Legends goes again, who knows?

"I don't know if I'm allowed to say yet, but I might be doing The Fall again.

"Season three is definitely going ahead, I'm just waiting for them to call," she added.

The IFTA nominee is one of the breakout stars of the BBC series and said working on such good TV shows like The Fall and Quirke have made her "picky" about which roles to take.

"Well because I've been spoiled so far with the work that I've got to do, I'm kind of a little picky," she said.

Just last week Jamie and Gillian were spotted out and about in Belfast where they were rumoured to be filming for the highly-anticipated third season.