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Fairfax to shed 1,900 jobs

AUSTRALIAN multimedia company Fairfax Media announced it will shed 1,900 jobs over three years as part of a restructure.

The Sydney-based company will shed almost one fifth of its 10,000 staff, spokesman Brad Hatch said.

The company also said that The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age broadsheet newspapers will become tabloids and their websites will introduce pay walls.

US in Somalia and Yemen

THE White House is lifting the lid of secrecy on its counter-terrorism campaign against al-Qa'ida in Yemen and Somalia by formally acknowledging lethal attacks in those countries.

The White House's biannual report to Congress on US combat operations abroad, delivered Friday, says the US military has been taking "direct action" against members of al-Qa'ida and affiliates in Yemen and Somalia.

The report does not provide details of any military operations in either Yemen or Somalia.

Three leaders in Togo arrests

TOGO'S government has arrested three opposition leaders after days of demonstrations.

The government said it had "invited three prominent organisers of the group for interrogation".

The state prosecutor said 56 opposition supporters are being interrogated in connection with acts of violence, vandalism and the destruction of public property.

Tunisia lifts night curfew

TUNISIA lifted a night time curfew following riots by Salafi Islamists and others over an art exhibition they deemed insulting to Islam.

One man died in the unrest which broke out in Tunis and spread to other parts of the country.

There had been fears of further trouble on Friday after Salafi leaders, who follow a puritanical interpretation of Islam, and the ruling moderate Islamist Ennahda party both called for protests in defence of religion.

But the demonstrations were called off after the interior ministry refused to issue licences for the march.