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Fair City's bad lad Paul the fall guy as he takes a balcony tumble


Tony Tormey as Paul Brennan in tonight’s episode of Fair City

Tony Tormey as Paul Brennan in tonight’s episode of Fair City

Tony Tormey as Paul Brennan in tonight’s episode of Fair City


Fair City's Paul Brennan is in for a shock in tonight's episode when he is pushed off a balcony.

For the past few episodes, Paul has been tormented by his sons Callum and Oisín, who have been gaslighting him in revenge for disinheriting them.

Viewers have seen the pair trying to get Paul to believe he is losing his mind.

They have convinced him he has made incorrect orders for Vinos, forgotten about his daughter Ruth and left the grill on in the house.

However, Ruth overhears a conversation between her brothers and asks her dad about "happy pills" and Paul puts two and two together.

He confronts Callum and even threatens him with prison, while he ruins a big career move for Oisín.

The situation backfires on the pair and Callum, fearing jail time, blames Oisín for taking it too far.

"Accept it, he's won," he tells Oisín.

Viewers will see Paul feeling confident after outwitting his sons and showing up at the community centre festivities, only to rub everyone the wrong way.

He goes out to the balcony to have a cigar, while Carol and Ali start shouting from below as they enjoy their girl's night out together.

Carol warns Paul that his actions have made a lot of people unhappy and that he should watch his back.

He starts to shout out to the night sky, only for someone to come out and try to throw him off the balcony.


Tormey has been playing Paul for 31 years, making him the show's longest-running character.

The actor recently spoke about what it is like being addressed as Paul on the street.

"They call me Paul all the time but sometimes, when friends of mine who you'd expect to know better call me Paul, it's like being stabbed in the heart," he said.

Despite Paul only being a character, that does not stop some people from being less than nice to Tormey in real life.

"You get a very small percentage of people being very nasty, but for the most part it's just good-natured banter, and whether you like it or not you just have to take it," he said.

The Dublin soap celebrated its 30th anniversary last year.

Asked at the time about his long stint on the show, Tormey told the Herald: "It's a long time ago since I started out filming in the early days in Drumcondra, so it's all gone by in the blink of an eye.

"If someone had told me that day when I came in to the audition that I was still going to be here in 30 years, I would have said, 'Yeah, good luck'.

"I've been lucky. I'm one of the few actors in Ireland that's been working constantly."