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Fair City Dolores so proud of actress daughter

HER Fair City character Dolores Molloy has suffered much on-screen tragedy -- but actress Martina Stanley is beaming at the success of actress daughter Kate.

Kate Brennan, the daughter of Martina and Irish actor Stephen Brennan, is preparing to perform in London and around Ireland in The Sanctuary Lamp.

And her mum Martina is delighted her daughter is following in her footsteps.

"I grew up with parents as actors, with other actors in the family generally," said Kate. "I knew we weren't like other families. We'd always be brought to the theatre and I remember being brought backstage. Seeing that stage set with the curtains closed and no lights on was the most exciting thing in the world to me.

"I felt extraordinarily special being allowed to see this."

Kate enrolled in the Ann Kavanagh Theatre and shows that Kate helped produce there encouraged her to follow her parents' path.

And after telling her mum that she wanted to be an actress, Martina said: "I took my kids aside and told them to take a good look at the reality."

The family became even closer when Martina and Stephen decided to divorce -- with her family coming through the process, bonding further.

"I think that's absolutely true. What are the options? Stay in an unhappy marriage? That would be even worse for everyone," said Martina.

"I remember when we were told. We always had such love from both our parents that we never got the feeling of being unloved or that it was our fault or anything, you know?" Kate told TV Now.