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Face masks and 11.30pm curfew - the new wedding rules


Bride wearing a face mask

Bride wearing a face mask

Bride wearing a face mask

Irish weddings will be far from the Cinderella event brides had dreamed of - with new Fáilte Ireland rules stating all guests must leave function rooms by 11.30pm.

It seems the all-night party Irish weddings are famous for will also be a thing of the past.

The strict guidance states all wedding guests must wear face coverings when arriving to and leaving tables.

The guidance also notes: "Signage on tables and dance floors must ask guests to respect physical distancing guidelines. Employees must monitor distancing."

Hotel events have been under increasing scrutiny after the Oireachtas Golf Society event which saw around 80 people attend.

The updated guidelines have stated there can now only be 50 people in a function area.

That number includes employees assisting during weddings. The guidance also notes: "The function area must be self-contained and only one function per area/room.

"Businesses must follow updated public health advice to ensure that all wedding guests leave the function/bar areas by 11.30pm.


"Public health advice states that these areas should be cleared of all guests by 11.30pm. However, this does not include staff members who will carry out closing procedures."

Face coverings also must be worn by employees dealing with customers when there are no other protective measures in place, such as screens or if social distancing is not possible.

The guidance also advised that venues should consider providing hand sanitiser at tables. Other guidance included that guests should enter function areas through automated doors, or those manually operated by an employee. Canapés will be served in individual portions.

Loose furniture must be removed from rooms to allow for social distancing, and the guidance stated there would be no shared items on dinner tables.

While shared vegetable and gravy dishes will be a thing of the past. These now have to be served as individual portions.

Multiple gatherings are still allowed in venues, providing they are in separate defined spaces, with systems to "prevent intermingling in common spaces", such as toilets and entrance halls.

The Irish Hotels Federation has welcomed the updated guidelines as a means to safeguarding public health.