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Eye in the sky takes new turn to opening

DUBLIN'S first eye in the sky is nearly complete. As our picture shows, the big wheel at the Point Village is half constructed, with the first of its gondolas due to be attached tomorrow.

The attraction, which cost around €10m, is expected to bring thousands of tourists to the Docklands every year.

The project is being pushed by developer Harry Crosbie and will join an outdoor performance area and markets.

Mr Crosbie expects the market to be the country's biggest with 150 stalls and to host free, lunchtime rock shows.

"It will combine the attractions of the world's busiest concert venue of its size, a market to rival Covent Garden and a unique tourist attraction in the big wheel," he said.

Ampitheathre Ireland Ltd, which owns 50pc of the O2, has complained that this would have a "significant negative impact" on the venue. The Dublin Docklands Development Authority (DDDA) also objected.

The DDDA had been planning to build a ferris wheel at George's Dock or Custom House Quay but was beaten in the race to build Dublin's first ferris wheel by Mr Crosbie's observation point, which will operate for up to four years.