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Extradition move begins on Guerin suspect

EXTRADITION proceedings against Veronica Guerin murder suspect John 'The Coach' Traynor were expected to begin today in Amsterdam.

Traynor was arrested by Dutch police almost four weeks ago. He had been on the run from British authorities for 18 years after absconding from prison during a period of compassionate leave.

Fugitive Traynor is currently being held at a Dutch prison and will be returned to prison in the UK in the coming weeks.

Traynor is not expected to attend today's brief hearing.

The Dublin gangster who was a "fixer" in Ireland's underworld, and more recently on the continent, is reportedly a cancer sufferer.

He had absconded from jail after serving one year out of a seven-year sentence handed down for his involvement in the theft of bonds after a planned sting operation by the British police in 1990.

It had been thought that the criminal would return to see out the remainder of his sentence but the UK's Ministry of Defence confirmed to the Herald that his sentence may be extended considerably.

"All absconds are reported immediately to the police who will take steps to apprehend the prisoner," he said.

"Recaptured absconders will be returned to a more secure closed prison where they face either a criminal prosecution for escaping or an internal adjudication in prison in front of a visiting judge. In both cases they can receive additional time in prison on top of their existing sentence."