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Explosion in number of foxes in city centre

Dublin's population of foxes has exploded -- with some even spotted lurking around the grounds of Dublin Castle.

Plentiful food supplies have led to an increase in recent years, and foxes are now a common sight across the city, according to Dublin's Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA).

"They've exploded in population. A lot of people have fed them and that's what's keeping them alive. Years ago you were lucky to see one fox but now you see a fox every night, coming out of the park or out of the ditches," a spokesperson said.

Foxes are regularly spotted in central locations such as Rathmines, Clontarf, Ailesbury Road, Merrion Road and Amiens Street.

"There's such a huge food source there. People feed dogs at the back of their garden and they don't close their bins, and there are so many fish shops and fast-food places now."

And staff at Dublin Castle said they have at least two of the furtive creatures lurking around the grounds at night time.