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'Expensive' Dublin rated poor for nightlife by 73pc in pre-Covid poll


The survey found pubs were the focal point after 9pm

The survey found pubs were the focal point after 9pm

The survey found pubs were the focal point after 9pm

People may be relishing the thought of having their first proper pint in a pub post-lockdown.

However, a survey carried out before the Covid-19 crisis has revealed that Dubliners actually rate the city's nightlife very poorly when compared with our European counterparts.

A significant 73pc of the 1,184 respondents surveyed by Dublin City Council (DCC) gave a night out in the capital city a poor rating - mainly due to the high cost.

Only 13pc of participants in the Your Dublin Your Voice study chose it among their top three European cities for nightlife, putting it between Madrid and Prague.

56pc of revellers chose Berlin as their favourite going-out destination, followed by London and Amsterdam.

The price was the main reason behind people not giving it a higher ranking, with 41pc saying that it was too expensive to go out, combined with infrequent transport options.

The survey also found early evening was the busiest time to go out and after 9pm, the pubs were the focal point for people, followed by dance clubs after midnight.

Respondents indicated their support for a Night Time Manager, who would be responsible for co-ordinating nightlife and culture in Dublin, with 70pc of those surveyed saying they would be in favour of one for Dublin.


DCC economist Juliet Passmore said the survey revealed that there was room for improvement in certain areas once the hospitality sector fully reopens post-lockdown.

"While priorities following Covid-19 will have changed, the reopening of the city offers an opportunity to innovate and improve on what was available in the evening or at night in Dublin," she said.

"Previous engagement patterns, highlighted in the survey, suggest that there was strong demand for activities up to 9pm."

Commenting on the survey, publican and Licensed Vintners Association vice-chairman Noel Anderson told the Herald that any changes to improve the night-time economy "has to be seen as a positive, especially in the current climate".

"I think DCC's current initiative around looking at facilitating outdoor dinning and drinking is a really good positive step once it can be done along side wheelchair accessibility and safe pedestrian access," he added.