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Exodus Down Under as Irish lured by €100k jobs

THEY may be the world's worst losers, but Australians are employing thousands of jobless Irish.

Irish young people continue to be lured Down Under -- with employers promising jobs with salaries of more than €100,000.

Despite the ongoing bitterness about the manner of their humiliating defeat by Ireland at the Rugby World Cup, Aussie employers are 'fair dinkum' on the jobs front.

And one young Dub, who is planning on jetting off next week, told the Herald that the move couldn't have been made easier.

Sean McBride (26), from Skerries, is one of more than 500 Irish people who have been attracted by what Australian employers have to offer.

He told the Herald: "My new employer has offered to do everything -- ship my belongings to Australia, pay for my flights, sort out my accommodation and, on top of that, I've been offered a four-year contract.


"Of course, it's not easy leaving home but I'm raring to go -- it's going to be something completely different on one hand, but there are so many Irish out there that I'm already planning on meeting friends I grew up with."

Sean has been working as a civil engineer in an Irish company for the past few years but he admitted that it was becoming clear that things were getting tough.

"I was kind of feeling like I was in a small pond in a great big desert. You could feel the work drying up. There are only small jobs now. The whole idea of working on a massive project that really stands up on your CV -- they just aren't happening," he said.

Major Irish firm Osborne Recruitment says it will fill at least 500 jobs in a range of areas at the RDS Working Abroad Expo this weekend.

Recruiters at the expo will also be looking for people to take up employment in the health sector and other areas.

The company, which will open an office in Perth in January, said employers Down Under were looking for a range of skills, including engineers, electricians, quantity surveyors and project managers.

It is estimated that between 50,000 and 70,000 Irish people are currently working in Western Australia.

And company chief executive Brendan Murphy told the Herald that Irish workers are extremely popular with Australian employers.

"Ireland is a great source of skilled workers to foreign countries at the moment, particularly in the construction industry with so many experienced people unemployed.

"Our clients are seeking Irish employees in particular as they have found them to be reliable and hard workers.

"And our clients also find that Irish workers integrate well into the workplace, socially and culturally.

"It can be a great opportunity for single people and families alike who wish to start a new life with great prospects in a similar culture Down Under."