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Exit is trademark Bertie

SO Bertie's gone.

Not out of a sense of shame or with a grovelling apology, like we might have expected.

No, in trademark Fianna Fail fashion he resigned to protect the party.

"The last thing I want to do is to be a source of political division in a party I care so deeply about," Ahern sniffled.

"I appreciate the support that party members have pledged to me unprompted in the past week.

"I have decided that the best way I can now serve Fianna Fail is to tender my resignation as a member."

Now you might have foolishly thought that the Mahon tribunal findings were a national issue, about our country's politics and ingrained corruption which stained a generation of politicians.

Not Bertie Ahern. At the end of the day it all comes back to the The Soldiers of Destiny.

The party that he and his discredited colleagues in the last Goverment effectively destroyed.

The same party that lies on life support this week following the final Mahon report.

Bertie cares deeply about Fianna Fail? Well many would think he's welcome to it at this stage.

His belief that his exit will help the party is about as deluded as his assertion, in a Sunday newspaper article, that he has a "good name" to vindicate.

Maybe among the last handful of his once-fabled 'Drumcondra Mafia', in the confines of his parish pump power base, Fagan's pub.

But Bertie's "good name" doesn't stretch far beyond the door of that establishment, at this stage.

In another article, published today, the self delusion continues.


The Mahon findings are "wrong", Ahern is "incredulous", the tribunal is "not a court of law" and "not infallable", Bertie is "deeply wounded", and so on.

The fact is that people of Ireland have stopped listening to Bertie Ahern's explanations and equivocations long ago.

The Mahon report put in writing what a majority of voters in last year's election knew.

Bertie Ahern is a liar.

He lied to the tribunal, lied to the country in a now infamous RTE Six One interview and, we're entitled to conclude, is continuing to lie this week.

He needs the dig out of his life to get out of this one, but not even his oldest, dearest and most generous pals will be able to help him out.

The future looks grim for Ahern. He's facing the possibilty of a gigantic legal bill from Mahon, his international speaking career can hardly continue, he's a pariah in the party he devoted his life to and his huge pension may be in doubt if some have their way.

Now Bertie has had enough of Fianna Fail.

The rest of us have had enough of Bertie Ahern, three time Taoiseach and long-time liar.