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Exhibition unlocks secrets of attracting true love

There's nothing quite like the sweet smell of success, especially when it comes to finding a lifelong lover.

Just one whiff of a red blooded male's 'Scentsational' sweaty t-shirt is enough to have a girl, genetically born with a desire to like it, hooked for life -- well almost.

This is just one of the experiments attracting hundreds of love geeks to the newly opened Love Lab exhibition, where experts are unlocking some of the secrets of attraction.

A symmetrical face and perfect body will certainly do no harm, but your nose may well have singled out your crush before you've even spotted him.

Scientists at the Trinity College exhibition believe laws of attraction are predetermined by an individual's DNA, which causes us to find the smell of a hormone called androstenone pleasant, odourless or repulsive.


Some females can not smell androstenone at all and others find it offensive or heavenly. Similarly, the smells given off by males can vary from mild to strong.

Speaking to the Herald, spokesperson Anja Ekelof said: "There is a lot more to love than meets the eye. We'd like to think it's all about our emotions but there are a lot of other things involved."

Meanwhile, the 'Average Face' experiment suggests there are advantages to being a 'plain Jane' as an average face is generally considered more attractive.

Visitors to the Pearse Street Science Gallery can also discover what rejection really looks like by taking part in Europe's first neuroscience speed-dating event tonight at 7pm.