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Examiner sent to clothes firm US warhorse to go on show Mexico tax plan for film-makers

THE High Court has confirmed court protection for the company operating 22 Vero Moda, Jack & Jones and Name It outlets here which now employ 183 people.

Mr Justice Brian McGovern yesterday confirmed accountant Declan McDonald as examiner to Bestseller Retail (Ireland) Ltd, the holding company for the three fashion brands, which has liabilities of some €4.1m.

The judge heard the company had begun to implement a business plan which had already resulted in the closure of 14 of its 36 stores, with the loss of 80 jobs, with a strategy of concentrating on the better performing stores.

US warhorse to go on show

A US museum once again will showcase the head of Old Baldy, the horse Northern General George Meade rode during many of the 1861-65 US Civil War's major battles.

The warhorse's preserved head was the subject of a dispute between two Philadelphia museums that both claimed ownership.

A deal was reached that allows the Grand Army of the Republic Museum and the Civil War Museum to share Old Baldy.

Mexico tax plan for film-makers

Mexican President Felipe Calderon said he will implement a new tax break programme to attract film-makers to Mexico.

Mr Calderon said he wants Mexico to become Latin America's movie capital and compete with countries such as Australia, Ireland, Canada and South Africa. Mr Calderon made the announcement at the film studios in the beach town of Rosarito, where the movies Titanic and Pearl Harbour were filmed.