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Exam paper ditched over leak blunder

Education Minister Ruairi Quinn has rushed to reassure Leaving Cert students that Monday's Irish paper will be replaced after a blunder over the release of aural Irish CDs.

Some of the CDs, which are part of the Leaving Cert Irish Paper One, were sent to the wrong place yesterday morning.

Mr Quinn said, however, that the integrity of the exam had been maintained by the State Examinations Commission putting in a contingency plan as soon as it was made aware of the problem.

The SEC will now provide a replacement Paper One with CD which will arrive in exam centres in time for Monday afternoon's exam for both Higher and Ordinary level Irish exams. Mr Quinn said he had also asked for a full report from the SEC on how the problem arose. A limited number of aural Irish CDs were inadvertently send to a small number of centres for Junior Cert candidates with special educational needs.

About 40,000 students will take the Irish Higher and Ordinary level papers and aural tests on Monday. As well as questions for the written exam, Monday's papers will contain questions related to the aural test.


The written examination papers are worth 50pc of the marks, the aural is worth 10pc while the remaining 40pc is accounted for by the oral test which the students undertook in April.

Mr Quinn insisted the difficulty had been overcome by the prompt action of the SEC,

"The contingency arrangements being put in place were devised by the commission to deal with occurrences such as this.

"I am satisfied that the SEC is taking every step necessary to ensure that the integrity of the examination system is maintained.

"The implementation of these contingency arrangements ensures that the integrity of this year's examinations is not jeopardised in any way.

"I have been in regular communication with the chairman of the State Examinations Commissioners, Dick Langford, since this came to light and will be receiving a full report from the SEC on what transpired," said Mr Quinn.