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EXAM DIARY: Business is history for me but next I say 'hola' to spanish

Well, that wasn't too bad. Business and I have always had a fractious relationship, with a massive course reflected in an equally massive textbook.

I've often spent more time avoiding the subject rather than studying it.

I enjoy certain areas but am completely lost in others. However, because it's so broad, students often get a wide variety of questions.

The short questions usually catch me out but I found them easy and straightforward this year and lovely long questions left me feeling hopeful.

However, Business usually catches students out in the marking scheme, so you're never quite sure, but based on the nods coming out of the exam hall everyone seemed happy enough.

Art History was up next. Art students have all done their practical exam at this stage, but Art History is worth a very specific 37.5pc of the overall exam.

The practical consists of a life drawing and still life exam, as well as a craftwork or design options. I did a poster for the Horticultural Conference 2013.

The Art History course was never my strong point. Although I love Art and History as two separate subjects, the two together always leave me tearing my hair out.

Perhaps it's because the course hasn't changed in 40 years or the fact our textbooks are useless, but Art History is not a good area.

However, the exam itself wasn't too bad, although the Irish section was slightly nerve-wracking as I forgot all I knew about the Iron Age.

The European section left me delighted, as both Gothic architecture and stained-glass windows came up.

The final section, Appreciation of Art, involved discussing a gallery visit and then designing a hypothetical exhibition. Not too bad and I sailed through on Jack B Yeats sketchbooks.

With two exams left, the next four days will be packed with Spanish opinion pieces and diary entries to my best friend Juan.