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Ex Shinner Forde: 'I'll now say sorry for Labour insults'

LABOUR'S new recruit on Dublin City Council Killian Forde has said he will apologise to former party leader Ruairi Quinn, for calling him the "worst sort of liberal".

The former Sinn Fein councillor said he was now "slightly embarrassed" about the criticism he heaped on the Dublin South TD and other Labour members before his defection.

But while the Donaghmede-based councillor said he would say sorry to Mr Quinn, he believed his new colleagues had not taken the online comments personally. His remarks about Labour party figures in previous blogs were highlighted by Fianna Fail city councillor Jim O'Callaghan.


Cllr O'Callaghan said Cllr Forde's decision to join Labour was "bizarre" given his published views.

Former finance minister Ruairi Quinn was described in the blog as "the worst sort of liberal, intolerant of anyone's opinion but their own".

Mr Forde had joked that Mr Quinn would give a speech on "why I never had a real job but know everything, about everything, ever".

The late former minister Conor Cruise O'Brien was described as an "intellectually corrupt" politician who committed "treasonous" acts. He also previously called Labour Dublin City Councillor Eric Byrne one of his most dislikeable colleagues on the council, "on both a personal and political level". Cllr Dermot Lacey, he said, deserved an award for people "who ensure the long-term survival of the human race by removing themselves from the gene pool in a sublimely idiotic fashion".

"It's a little bit embarrassing, but I think it's funny at the same time", Cllr Forde told the Herald. "It shows the danger of running your own blog and how these things can come back to bite you. The various names I called people at the time were based on specific events. This kind of thing is in the nature of politics. I think most politicians have a thick skin and if you started taking things personally, you wouldn't last very long. I do think I will have to apologise to Ruairi Quinn. I will send a note to him to say it was in the context of a particular issue".


Cllr Forde said he was glad the Labour Party was "not making a big deal" of the issue. He conceded it was a "very clever piece of work" by Cllr O'Callaghan.

"Anyone who reads Killian Forde's blog will see that this is a politician who has absolute contempt for the Labour Party and its elected representatives', Cllr O'Callaghan said. "In light of these comments, Cllr Forde's recent statements of loyalty to the Labour Party should be treated the same as expressions of fidelity from Tiger Woods or Iris Robinson."

Cllr Forde this week became the third Dublin City Councillor to leave Sinn Fein. Cllrs Louise Minihan and Christy Burke are now independent. Sinn Fein now has four seats on the council.