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Ex-Bond girl killed herself

A FORMER Bond girl and wife of comic actor Leslie Phillips died after drinking a drain cleaner containing 91pc sulphuric acid.

Angela Scoular (right) had battled for years against manic depression and alcoholism, and in the weeks before she died feared the bowel cancer she had undergone radiation treatment and chemotherapy to beat had returned.

Mr Phillips served her breakfast in bed on the day she died and she gave no indication that she wanted to kill herself, though she had made at least one previous attempt, an inquest heard.

The actress, who played Ruby Bartlett in On Her Majesty's Secret Service, found a bottle of One Shot drain cleaner and swallowed some.

She ran outside, poured more of the highly corrosive liquid over herself and slipped down the steps of their house in Maida Vale, London, fracturing several bones, including her spine.

Ms Scoular (65) was taken to hospital but was pronounced dead two hours later, on April 11. She had suffered 40pc burns to her throat, lungs and dietary tract, which were described as unsurvivable. A verdict of suicide was recorded.