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Evil rapist has been 'disruptive and abusive' in jail

Depraved predator Faisal Ellahi, who has been jailed for 13 years for raping a young woman with Down Syndrome, has faced regular disciplinary sanctions in jail since he was first remanded in custody in June 2013.

Ellahi, who is originally from Haripur in Pakistan, had pleaded not guilty last year to rape, sexual assault and having sex with a mentally impaired person at his Dublin home on June 12, 2013.

A jury at the Central Criminal Court convicted him of the rape and sexual assault charges.

The Herald can reveal that Ellahi has been far from a model prisoner while he awaited trial in the Midlands Prison in Co Laois and has been involved in disturbances since his conviction last December.

"He has been disruptive and abusive to staff and fellow prisoners on numerous occasions in 2014, last year and he has even been involved in one incident this year," a prison source said.

"This individual has not been keeping his head down like you might expect from someone who has committed such a truly appalling crime."


Gardai are continuing to investigate whether Ellahi has been responsible for similar attacks on women in the capital before he was locked up in June 2012, after being charged with raping the vulnerable young woman.

It has also emerged that gardai who were attempting to investigate Ellahi's background in Pakistan did not receive any information from authorities there, so remain unaware of any possible criminal activity in his home country.

Mr Justice Tony Hunt said yesterday that he would not suspend any part of the sentence as he hoped that Ellahi would not be back in the community on his release.

He said the crime had "carelessly demolished" the victim's independence.

Judge Hunt commented that the "frightening, appalling, disgusting and depraved" offence committed by Ellahi had taken away years of work in helping the woman lead an independent life.


He said this was "all blown away for a couple of minutes of instant gratification".

The judge noted that Ellahi had been out "prowling" the streets and approaching an- other woman at the same time as his victim was returning home.

He said some of the most difficult evidence in the case was the reaction of the woman's family members at her "dehumanised" state.

He complimented the victim's mother on her dignity and fortitude in dealing with the case and wished the family well in future as they try to "restore" the woman to her independence.

He added that he hoped the Minister for Justice would take every step to remove Ellahi from the country when his sentence was completed.